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Our Approach to Environmental Stewardship.

Minhub Operations understands that now more than ever, good environmental practice is crucial in supporting operational performance and, more vitally, the key to building community trust and approval.

We are aware of the impact our activities can have on the land and have are committed to best environmental management and mitigation practices – protecting the land and its well-being for all current and future generations.


 Minhub Operations have appointed local Environmental Consultancy, EcOz to help identify, assess, and manage environmental risks, such as soil erosion, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions as well as to ensure we operate responsibly and sustainably, minimizing our environmental impact and meeting all regulatory requirements.

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Water Resources

Minhub Operations recognises that  effective water management is essential for any mineral processing company that wants to operate responsibly, sustainably, and successfully and is crucial to protect environmental values and communities’ livelihoods.


We seek to implement robust management systems and the best modern practices to safeguard and drive sustainable and responsible water stewardship.


All process water from plant or storage areas will be collected and processed through a thickener/classifier to recover any sediment before recirculating. Any runoff water must meet EPA standards

Emissions Targets

Minhub Operations is modelling greenhouse gas emissions in order to meet the requirements of the ‘Northern Territory Climate Change Response: Towards 2050’ and ‘Roadmap to Renewable Energy and the ‘NT EP ACT’. 


Energy efficiency options will be considered through the design phase and at regular intervals throughout the project life such as electric drying options as an alternative to conventional gas.

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Closed Product Loop

All material that enters the site will be processed to saleable product streams, or a blended sand product suitable for construction uses or landfill, ensuring the process plant operates as a closed loop for an environmentally sustainable footprint.

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