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Strategic Partnerships


Alignment in values and close partnerships are key to the development of critical mineral supply chains which commence at the mines and in their local communities and end with the consumers of the advanced appliances which are delivering the global shift away from fossil fuels to renewable energy through electrification. 

Working together in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, based on shared goals and ethical standards, we can achieve greater benefits for the local and global community, and create value for all of our stakeholders.

Cadoux Ltd
Cadoux Logo_HIGHRES_edited.png

Minhub Operations is owned by ASX listed Cadoux Ltd, an emerging critical minerals company. 


In addition to the Minhub Project, Cadoux is developing a High Purity Alumina (HPA) Project.

HPA is a critical mineral used in hi-tech applications such as sapphire glass, LED's and as a separator in Lithium-ion batteries.

Feedstock Suppliers

Minhub Operations is partnering with several emerging Australia mineral sands projects to source feedstocks for the Minhub Darwin Project.


Minub is facilitating our feedstock partners to develop relationships with downstream processors and markets, assisting their integration into a global, sustainable supply chain.

Arafura Rare Earths Ltd 
Arafura Logo CLEAR.png

Arafura Rare Earths Ltd is the cornerstone partner of Minub Operations in the Minhub Darwin Project,  Arafura is co-funding the Feasibility Study and has the right to own 50% of the Project.


ASX listed Arafura is developing the world class Nolans Rare Earths Project in Central Australia where high grade rare earth minerals from the Minhub Darwin Project can be processed through to rare earth oxides.

Global Markets & End Product Users

Alignment with world leading ESG practices is key to the development of sustainable supply chains.


Minhub is building on Arafura's well developed relationships  with downstream rare earth magnet manufacturers and producers of technology essential for electrification such as  Electric Vehicles (EV's) and wind turbines. 

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