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Sustainability & ESG


Minhub Operations commits to the sustainable development of the project through collaborative partnerships. We look to increase the value of Australia’s mineral wealth through ethical and innovative downstream processing and provide all stakeholders with a transparent supply chain for Australian mineral sand products.

Environmental, Social, Governance.

As the world makes progress towards global climate goals, adopting best practices in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) has become vital for modern mining companies, especially those engaged in supporting the transition, to make a positive contribution to sustainable development. 


We recognise the critical role Minhub Operations can play in the global economy and the importance of operating in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

The significant risks associated with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts of mining projects include geopolitical tensions, environmental damage and political corruption among others. These types of repercussions can erode public support for projects and will face ever-increasing scrutiny from downstream industries, potentially leading to production disruptions and stark local and international resistance to mining investments. This may in turn limit the supply of crucial minerals and metals.

Through prioritising ESG at all our decision-making processes from the very start, Minhub Operations aims to minimise our environmental footprint, create inclusive working conditions for all employees, and deliver long-term social and community benefits.

The delivery of an ethical supply chain for heavy rare earths would have positive impacts across the world from a perspective of reducing carbon emissions at the mine site, indigenous opportunities, and environmental stewardship across continents through to global electrification, security and defence.

Minhub will fully support and build on the ESG commitments in place from our key partners Arafura Rare Earths and FYI Resources.

Arafura Resources have developed a sustainable model for their NdPr supply chain, working with organisations such as IRMA (Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance) and ensuring that the NdPr processed at Nolans can be mapped through the supply chain from metallisation and magnets to the final product. To achieve this, they have worked closely with European companies that supply major wind turbines and European and Korean electric vehicle manufacturers. Through the Minhub Project, together with Arafura we plan to extend the same opportunity to projects being developed in Australia.

ESG Framework

We are currently developing our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Framework to be:

  • Aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and targets

  • Include public reporting against World Economic Forum (WEF) Stakeholder Capitalism Framework sustainable value creation metrics.

  • Informed by consultation with key community stakeholders including local Indigenous community organisations.

  • Measured by tailored metrics relevant to the local operating context of the Darwin region of the Northern Territory of Australia, including Indigenous participation metrics.

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